Preliminary conditions for using Digital Umbrella

What does it cost?
 1- It is free to individuals.
 But please send at least 10 photos of your products with a written description and statement of condition of sale, as well as your asking price.
 Free gifts are graciously accepted and will be forwarded as per the donor´s direction.

2-For Small entrepreneurs, Ngo or Charity organizations.
 The same conditions apply as for an individual but only for the first three months.
 But we strongly recommend that you order your own shop either using our Digital Umbrella´s platform or one of your own.
 Our developers will charge $300 US if your web shop is built on our platform plus 4% of the sales to support our administrative costs. The owner of the shop also requires an admin-access to add/delete products and information.

If you request a separate shop, there is a $1,000 US fee to build it and you have to order a server site, a domain and Web hotel as well. However we can provide assistance with these issues if needed.
 3- For larger enterprises, Our partner Bit Net Technology ( will be pleased to suggest IT solutions at a reasonable price.
 This information will be shown on the web shop under "Information".