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One day, I was thinking that, I had so many things in my house that I never use anymore.
I mean, those types of objects that basically are on every floor and in every room of our home. They are hanging, sitting, laying, or just taking up space in and about the house, really, it’s like we had forgotten, they were even there.
Some were useless, just cluttered garbage that I sent to the recycling or trash bins.
I looked about and wondered, what shall I do with all the rest of th...ese objects and devices that just sat about and collected dust?

I cleaned some shelves, sent somethings to welfare agencies and the rest I set about to record and categorize by quality and price. I even took photos.
The results are shown in the following photos (I will take a photo of the shelves) and also on the web shop called CTRDW.
What does CTRDW means? Who are the ones behind the other shops there? How will you be able to sell and shop at the web site?
All of these questions I shall answer at a later time..